Life is full of mystery. When I paint I strive to connect with the moment; to be fully present to what is being revealed through the paint. I often start a painting with no preconceived notion of what the painting will look like. Painting is a process of discovery. Of covering and uncovering previous layers to reveal something new and unexpected. With each layer a new set of possibilities emerges. As I alter the surface layers of color are revealed. Each painting, like each new day, is a mystery revealed to us a moment at a time. It is a discovery of experiences and relationships that forms our lives.

We connect with art intuitively. We respond to the aesthetics; the colors, composition, patterns, textures and shapes, from our personal sense of beauty. We respond to the content; the abstract qualities or subject realism. We respond with our emotions feeling peaceful, agitated, or intrigued.  My paintings reveal and celebrate the mysteries within us. Life is short and time is precious. All of life is gift. I believe that we are meant to live full and joyful lives. I strive to discover meaning in the mysteries of life. I strive to discover hope and beauty, meaning and connectedness through the creative process. My paintings explore the ways that we relate with each other. They honor the diversity of our life experiences and begin a dialogue that enables us to discover what’s beneath the surface. They affirm our unique journeys, express love and loss, and seek to understand grief and redemption. My work explores concepts of timelessness, beauty, energy, and spirituality.

My process is very sensorial.  I utilize encaustic wax, oil paint, lacquer paint, shellac and graphite. I love exploring the infinite variety of effects achievable through a few materials. Particularly exciting and challenging are shellac burns wherein my only control is the length of time the flame burns. It is critical to me to allow my work to evolve out of the process and to let the medium define the results.  I believe that the medium and the process together evoke a mysterious energy and tranquil quality.

I hope you enjoy discovering my work. It is displayed in private, academic, and institutional collections across the country and in Europe. If you are interested in further conversations please contact me. I’d love to connect.

Thank you for visiting my site! To view my work in person contact me to schedule a studio visit. I’d love to show you more!


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At home in my studio.

At home in my studio.